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Twistopher The Organ Grinder

Hand-turned Mechanical Street Organ

The Victorian style hand-turned mechanical street organ, often known as a barrel organ, is an entertainment reminiscent of a bygone age. It is a popular entertainment at Vintage Festivals and historically themed occasions particularly Victorian, Edwardian, wartime and Christmas events. It is equally at home at childen’s events and parties with the cheerful music and amusing dancing puppets. Twistopher’s 20 note street organ was hand built in Berlin, Germany to traditional methods by Orgelbau Stuber.

Twistopher encourages optional audience participation including children dressing up to play the organ, games to the music & party dances.

The dancing puppets are vintage toys made by Pelham Puppets circa 1960’s to 1980’s. They are much loved by children but also of great interest to adults, bringing back happy memories of childhood.

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