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Twistopher’s Balloon Modelling Workshops

Balloon Twisting Fun for Schools, Societies, Parties, Workplaces & Events

Twistopher gives an introduction to balloon modelling in his hands-on workshop. Balloons and use of pumps are provided and everyone is guaranteed to have fun and hopefully take-home latex masterpieces! Twistopher works patiently, at a pace to try and ensure everyone completes their sculpture. Recommended class numbers up to 20 participants per session. Best suited to indoor and undercover venues. It outside cannot take place in rain, hot sun or in strong winds.

Balloons for Team Building

For corporate team building courses, Twistopher can turn the twisting in to team competitions which he can also judge if required. Exercises can also be set where the teams build a larger construction as a team.

One-to-one Balloon Modelling Lessons

Twistopher also gives expert tuition in his balloon twisting lessons for complete beginners and intermediate level modellers.
For more advanced tuition, his partner Twistina is also available

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