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Children's Party Packages

Twistopher can either be hired just to do balloon modelling or you can mix and match which entertainments you would like.

Twistopher Monkey_edited.jpg

Balloon Modelling

This is designed to be more casual, as distinct from a show and works best when an other entertainment or activity is happening. (Eg. bouncy castle, crafts, games or dancing etc)

Party Options

For parties of less than 45 children

Total Balloonacy -
A Balloon model for every child
  • Twistopher creates a fantastic balloon sculpture, wearable or hat for each and every child to enjoy at the party or take home. Booking length required, will depend on number of children and complexity of models required, (Allow for 8 to 15 children per hour, up to a maximum of 45 in all)

For parties of greater numbers

Burn Rubber! - Classic Balloon Twisting
  • Twistopher speed twists slightly less complicated balloon sculptures and soon attracts a line of eager recipients! He creates balloon sculptures for everyone who is in the line. Do not be surprised how popular his balloon art is, although Twistopher is quick (He “burns rubber!”), the line often gets quite long!As necessary, he will keep order using numbers, to allow for breaks and when it is sadly time to finish.

  • (Not everyone is guaranteed a balloon with this package) If you would like to consider a second balloon twister for larger events, his partner Twistina the Amazing Balloon Lady is also available.

NB. Balloons are not recommended for children under 36 months due to potential small parts which may pose a choking hazard.

Punch and Judy, Monkey Madness Show & Barrel Organ Options

  • The most popular is a 2 hour party. It starts with balloon modelling until all the children have arrived. The main show, either Punch and Judy or the Monkey Madness Show then takes place. After the show is complete, the children normally have their food while Twistopher continues with the balloons. On a 2 hour party, you will have some time at the end where Twistopher will still be balloon modelling. An adult of your choice can use the organ as music for your own pass the parcel game if you wish.

  • For children under 3, the barrel puppet organ works well with a unique short show of musical automata.

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