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Terms and Conditions for Engaging Twistopher (Hereafter referred to as the artiste.)

The engagement agreement is sent in response to the client submitting the booking form. The engagement agreement is sent to the client as an offer of acceptance of the booking.

By completing the agreement, the client is agreeing to the terms set out therein.

The engagement offer will be reserved for a period of no more than 7 days and will only be confirmed upon receipt of completed agreement and deposit if applicable. (Usually 50% of the total fee) The balance is normally due no later than 7 days before the event and can be paid by bank transfer.



Cancellation Clauses
Once the engagement is confirmed, any cancellation on the part of the client will incur the full fee less any travel expenses. (In the event of the artiste obtaining a replacement booking of equal or greater value, then the fee will be refunded less a 50 pounds administration fee)

In the unlikely event that the artiste is unable to fulfil the engagement due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, if you wish it, every effort will be made to find a suitable replacement artiste.

It may not be possible to find someone who will cover the event at the same price. In this case the client will be responsible for any extra cost.

Rider For Outdoor Events
The client shall be responsible for providing shelter / shade for inclement or extreme weather. It is not possible to twist balloons in the rain, hot sun, extreme cold or high wind.

If the artiste is unable to perform because of the lack of adequate protection from the weather, the client shall be liable for the full fee.

If the client cancels the booking due to weather conditions before the artiste has set out for the event, the full fee less any travel cost will be payable.

General Balloon Twisting Conditions
Twistopher's balloon modelling is not done as a stage show but rather as an interactive, entertaining spectacle either in mix and mingle style or in a fixed location. If the client does not express a preference, the artiste will judge at the event, the best format to use.

At public and large events, it is not possible to provide a balloon for everyone. Twistopher will try to judge the demand and choose the sophistication of the sculptures in accordance and allowing for the time constraint of the booking. Despite this, lengthy queues do often occur as Twistopher’s balloon models are so desirable.

At parties / smaller events, if a balloon model is required for every guest, it is imperative that the client and artiste have agreed on how many people are in attendance. This is necessary to fulfil everyone within the specified time and to provide the best service

If the number of guests exceeds the agreed amount, it may be possible for the artiste to work extra time at the appropriate rate. This must be formally agreed and is not always possible due to other commitments. Barring this, the artiste will not be expected to work over the time paid.


A responsible adult must be in attendance at all times, the artiste is not liable for the supervision of children.Balloons are not recommended for children under 3.

The artiste is obliged to advise the following health and safety information

“Warning! Children under eight years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

”Allergy Advise – Balloons are made from Pure Latex

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